25 June 2014

kaunissaari part I.

last week we decided to spend Juhannusatto with a group of dear friends in Kaunissaari and it turned out to be the loveliest Midsummer I have spent in Finland so far! I was really excited about visiting the island for the first time and found it very fascinating: in fact I shot two entire rolls of film there. I am going to share my photographs of Kaunissaari for the next few weeks now!
Kaunissaari - the beautiful island:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
Kaunissaari literally means beautiful island and it truly stands for its name. I took these first photographs while waiting for our ferry in Vuosaari: I especially like the one of my friend Mandi. that morning the sun was shining and the clouds looked like pretty decorations in the sky: a fine day for sailing! our boat was the little one you can see approaching in the third photograph.

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