10 June 2014

repovesi national park I.

two weeks ago on Sunday we decided to visit Repovesi National Park for the first time. since the drive from Helsinki to the Kymenlaakso region took us over three hours we only had a small part of the afternoon left to hike. we decided to take the Ketunlenkki trail: a short and rather easy walk that nonetheless gave us plenty of opportunities to admire the beauty of the national park.
my photographs of Repovesi National Park:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 400
I am not completely happy with the way my photographs turned out: in my opinion quite overexposed and grainy. on the way to Repovesi the weather was very cloudy - hence my decision to load a 400 iso film roll - though the sky opened up as soon as we reached our destination and it became too bright for the film I had chosen. nevertheless we had a wonderful afternoon and I was glad we could enjoy the unexpected sunshine. I will share a few more photographs in my next post!

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