12 June 2014

repovesi national park II.

here are a few more photographs I took during our hike in Repovesi National Park two weeks ago. along the Ketunlenkki trail we climbed the Katajavuori hill and when we finally reached the top the view over Lapinsalmi was absolutely breath-taking. towards the end of our walk we also got to cross the lake via the magnificent Lapinsalmi hanging bridge: it was all very exciting!
more photographs of Repovesi National Park:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 400
sadly I still think my photographs did not turn out the way I really wanted: it was too bright for my 400 iso film. also when we were on top of Katajavuori hill the sun was shining directly towards us and that made it very difficult to take a decent photograph of the beautiful view. I will definitely have to go back to Repovesi once again to take more photographs and try a different hiking path too!

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