04 August 2014

parco dello stelvio part IV.

after a long day of hiking I really liked coming back to our lovely hut to enjoy an earthy meal sitting by the fire. when I was little I could not really appreciate the quietness and solitude of Val di Rezzalo in Parco dello Stelvio - that is perhaps why I had not come back there for so many years.
Parco dello Stelvio - part four:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
the first evening we witnessed the most beautiful sunset ever just after the rain: the sun was long gone behind the mountains but a powerful orange light was reverberating on the clouds filling the sky. that was when I took the first photograph of this selection while the other three were taken the day after. that lovely swing installed not far from our hut was a pleasant surprise: I still wonder who built it.

P.S. these days I am blogging quite often: if you have missed the previous posts about Parco dello Stelvio please go back to take a look at them. I always appreciate your comments!

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