06 August 2014

parco dello stelvio part V.

the second day in Val di Rezzalo we went on the longest and most tiring hike I have ever done. we originally wanted to reach Laghetto dell'Alpe but we took the wrong path and ended up somewhere different. after 12km I was completely exhausted yet those landscapes really stole my heart.
Parco dello Stelvio - part five:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
that day I also managed to burn a significant part of my forehead: the sun is incredibly strong at 2000m above the sea and it was really silly of me not to wear the sun protection evenly on my face.

P.S. since we are leaving for a weekend trip I am not going to blog anything new until next week. this way you will have time to catch up on all my previous posts on Parco dello Stelvio. Please do!

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