10 September 2014

mökki - into the forest.

we spent last weekend at Jacopo's family mökki in Särkimo. taking a break from the city is always a blessing and it was wonderful to be there after almost a year. not to mention that our friends Igor and Maria joined us and that made the short getaway even more pleasant. naturally I took my Nikon F5 and shot many photographs: I have already selected some to share with you in my next few posts.
into the forest:
Nikon F5 - Fujichrome Velvia 100
on Saturday morning we went for a walk in the forest: the light was absolutely magnificent and if I close my eyes I can still smell the inebriating scent of trees and mushrooms. I especially adore forests in autumn time! many thanks to Jacopo who borrowed my camera to take the last photo where I am standing among such beautiful surroundings: I really love it! ♥

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