30 October 2014

a walk in the forest II.

a few more photos from our walk in Niskala Arboretum: if you have missed the first part of this post you can find it here. I cannot believe I was wearing such a light jacket and no hat and still felt comfortable. I have been wearing my winter parka and woolen hat for a couple of weeks now and I will do so for many months to come: I am still very much Italian when it comes to winter clothing.
Nikon F5 - Kodak Portra 400
© Jacopo & Polly - AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G
© Polly - Lomography x Zenit Petzval

27 October 2014

a walk in the forest I.

it is always a pleasure to go back to Niskala Arboretum! almost a month has passed since we took that walk and I am glad we managed to see it in all its beauty before the winter came. the trees are completely bare now and Finland has become very dark and colourless: November is near.
Nikon F5 - Kodak Portra 400
© Polly - AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G
© Jacopo - Lomography x Zenit Petzval
I already miss the light and the colours immensely: my 5th winter in Finland is about to begin and I already cannot wait for it to be over. I promise I will not stop my photographic excursions though!

23 October 2014

zadie in helsinki III.

just a few more photographs I took with Zadie that Saturday morning around Helsinki: that day we really walked a lot! these were taken in Tervasaari and in Kaisaniemenranta: in the first two pictures Zadie is posing with the colourful buildings of Kruununhaka in the background.
Zadie in Helsinki - Tervasaari and Kaisaniemenranta:
Nikon F5 - Kodak Portra 400
I have spent some lovely days with Zadie before sending her to her next destination. by now she is probably having lots of fun in Poland in the company of Kasia: keep on following her adventures!
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20 October 2014

zadie in helsinki II.

unfortunately the weather was quite gloomy while Zadie was visiting Helsinki: the clouds did not stop our tour around town though. on a Saturday morning we visited Senate Square and the Market Square where we took some very touristic shots. I hope you will like them!
Zadie in Helsinki - Senaatintori and Kauppatori:
Nikon F5 - Kodak Gold 400
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16 October 2014

zadie in helsinki I.

between the end of September and the beginning of October the lovely globetrotting clonette Zadie has spent some time with me in Helsinki. strolling around town with Zadie has been fun and taking photos of her has been quite different from what I usually do. I am going to dedicate my next few posts to this interesting experience: many thanks to Adeline for making it possible!
Zadie in Helsinki - Talvipuutarha and Töölönlahti:
Nikon F5 - Kodak Gold 400
the day I took Zadie for a walk one afternoon after work we visited the winter garden and walked around Töölönlahti. I was a little scared that she would fall in the water because of the wind but thankfully she did not. the weather was exceptionally sunny!
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13 October 2014

ruska in oulu III.

I just wanted to share these last few photographs from Oulu: I really love the way the colours and the light turned out in them and I think they are a good representation of ruska. I wish autumn was always so beautiful and bright here in Finland though it had been mostly cloudy lately.
ruska in Oulu:
Nikon F5 - Fujichrome Velvia 50
we took these while walking around Lämsänjärvi lake. in the last two photographs the one with the dark jacket is Jacopo and the one with the light jacket is me. I think I am going to lose myself into these images now hoping for the sun to finally come back to this corner of the world!

10 October 2014

ruska in oulu II.

these are a few photographs from our walk in Oulu when the sun went behind the clouds. I am surprised anything at all turned out despite my 50 iso. to my dismay I will have to start using 400 iso film again now that the winter is coming: Finland is getting colder and darker.
ruska in Oulu:
Nikon F5 - Fujichrome Velvia 50
we took all of these with the wonderful Petzval at f/2.2 and managed to get a decent shutter speed: my hands are too shaky to use a speed slower than 1/125. I am happy these turned out despite the poor light condition: I think there is quite a beautiful autumnal atmosphere in them!

06 October 2014

ruska in oulu.

we spent the last weekend of September in Oulu. it was a brief trip but we still had time to take some photographs of the beautiful autumn colours which up there had arrived earlier than in Helsinki. I have to say that ruska is really my favourite time of year when the sun is shining!
ruska in Oulu:
Nikon F5 - Fujichrome Velvia 50
during our walk in the forest the sun shone for a while and the light was magnificent: I especially like the second photograph of this selection. when the clouds gathered though it became too dark for the Velvia 50 and I wished I had chosen a different film. still I managed to take a few more good shots: I will share them in my next post.

02 October 2014

lille's portraits.

I took a series of portraits of my friend Lille in occasion of her graduation. according to tradition in Finland highschool graduates wear a ylioppilaslakki: the white student cap. I wish I could have one too but unfortunately there is no such a tradition in Italy. Lille looked lovely in her cap!
Lille's portraits:
Nikon F5 - Kodak Portra 160
the day was a sunny Sunday and the location was one of my favourites: the Talvipuutarha. once again the Petzval worked wonderfully. I especially love the bokeh in the first portrait!
P.S. happy October everyone!