07 September 2017


At the end of July we spent a wonderful long weekend in Stockholm. I wished I had done it earlier: the flight from Helsinki is so short and Stockholm is such a beautiful city! As you can see from these few photographs, we spent most of our time strolling around the city and enjoying the wonderful sunny weather. We also ate a good amount of delicious food — from pizza to cinnamon rolls, visited a few museums and met two dear friends that had moved to Stockholm last year. In other words, a perfect weekend!

My favourite sites have been Rosendal Trädgård, Skinnarviksberget and Långholmen for beautiful views and flowers. As for places to eat, I definitely recommend 800 Grader for pizza, 18 Smaker for ice-cream and Fabrique Stenugnsbageri for the most delicious kanelbullar and chokladbollar I have ever tasted.
Camera Nikon Df
Lens Nikon 135mm f/2 DC
P.S. The last photograph is in a different format because it's the result of a new technique that Jacopo and I have been experimenting with lately — a stitch of various photographs of the same scene. I am quite happy with it and would like to do many more like it! What do you think?

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