13 June 2018

28.04.2018 — part 1

Almost a month had passed since my last portrait session, so when we finally decided to meet with Riim and Marjana I was feeling nervous about my performance. I guess it happens to all of us, those moments when we feel a little insecure about what we do, even if we love doing it so much. I am so happy I did not let my insecurity get the best of me though, because that session was lovely and I am very satisfied with the results!

That evening we met at beautiful Kallahdenniemi beach to make the most of the golden hour — longer days call for evening sessions. I will start by sharing a selection of Riim's: I especially love the second part of the session with the aqua dress, but the light in the forest was amazing too! Which one is your favourite?

This is possibly the best way to celebrate one year of friendship with this lovely girl: in fact we met Riim in April 2017 and since then she has become not only my favourite model, but also a dear friend! Thank you so much, darling Riim!
Camera Nikon Df
Lens Nikon 135mm f/2 DC

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