01 May 2019


As much as I love having new people in front of my camera, going on a photoshoot with a close friend is always nice — especially when that close friend is Alina! Alina has posed for me multiple times and we seem to be clicking well together not just as friends, but also as photographer and model. Also, she has been experimenting with styling lately and has chosen some great looks for our photo session!

The weather was quite gloomy that day and the location we were originally planning to use turned out to be overcrowded due to some city event. Thankfully though, I thought about going back to the rooftop of REDI shopping center — I hadn't been there since January. This time around there wasn't any snow and the whole roof was accessible and offered plenty of interesting backdrops.

I'm especially happy with the results because I was able to experiment a lot with in action shots, thanks to my new Z6 — so much faster and precise than my Df — and to Alina's willingness to run and jump around for me. It was a really fun afternoon!
Camera Nikon Z6
Lens Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8 S

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