31 December 2009

end of 2009.

my top 10 artists of 2009

Lau Nau*finland

Eleanoora Rosenholm*finland

Alina Orlova*lithuania

Belle and Sebastian*scotland, UK

Sigur Rós*iceland

Samara Lubelski*new york, USA

Camera Obscura*scotland, UK

Au Revoir Simone*new york, USA

H A P P Y . N E W . Y E A R !
may all your dreams come true.

29 December 2009


the portable record player is from the 60's but it works perfectly. it can play any vinyl format.

*this is the radio-fonovaligia after we polished it.
thank you, auntie!

24 December 2009

ines and ebe.

ines is my grandmother ebe's younger sister, but I just call her auntie. I've always thought that my great grandmother choosed such pretty and peculiar names for her daughters.
today I've been at my auntie's place and together we looked for photos of young grandma and her. here's some scannings of what we found.
*my great grandmother emilia and my great grandfather cesare.

*ines with her youngest brother: he died when he was only 2.

*young ines with her friends + ines and nino's wedding - note the kissing!

*some of nino's family in australia.

*my grandma and ines with my dad as a young fellow - note the one picturing my dad and his dog jimmy!

*some shots from the '70s - dad as a skinny young man.

*a few pages of two passports of ines, when she was working in switzerland as a waitress.

plus, we found a portable record player that my auntie got when she was young. it is still in a decent condition and I hope I will be able to make it work!

wonderful treasures and precious memories.

22 December 2009

cara nonna.

dear nonna,
tonight emi and I have built snow lanterns for you. I think that you can see the candle lights - from above - blinking in the snow,
and I know that you know that we love you.

21 December 2009

canadian art.

*christmas card from my dear Frances!
P.S. it keeps on snowing: it feels like If I was in canada, or finland, or somewhere else better than here.