26 May 2009

the book.

L I M I N A L *

the first book is now complete.
and soon the other 5 copies out of 6 will be printed.

here is a preview:

25 May 2009


I just adore the sound of that word.
but it doesn't make much sense.
I love it when J. drinks milk though.

*from our nestbook.
P.S. Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist"
film of the year.

22 May 2009


"everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand,
as if it were necessary to understand,
when it is simply necessary to love."

we went to see the Water Lilies
and we stared at them
and stared
and stared
holding each other close.

and I thought


19 May 2009

I'm doing things and I'm doing them with you.

you wouldn't believe what I've found out.

I have never been feeling
so peaceful as I am
now that
I am doing things with Jacopo.

this is what came out of my dear old nikon:

and a couple of polaroids
from my mamyia:

if anybody knows
the true story of this old school building,
please, let us know more about it!

15 May 2009

don't forget.

about people
and places
and things.

don't forget.

you don't need to tell me.

I am costantly
over thinking
about you and us and them.

is an eternal state of mind.

two of my closest friends
made me feel important.

so why is it so easy to get lost?

14 May 2009

10 May 2009

battle, battle, battle, battle.

I just wanted to say
thank you
to some of you,
that made today possible.
and those who are
always supporting me
and what I do.

photo by Jacopo

I am working***

I won't fear what tomorrow may take
Still blind to my future and fate
I want to hear what the others may say
Let only the love lead the way
And start my traveling now

I'm traveling
I'm traveling."

*Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
(extremely inspiring, once again).

07 May 2009

say sorry.

"when you realise
you've gone
too far."

at the second hand shop today
there was an unknown lady.
she was a model in the 60s,
still looking very good.
and then, I tried on this dress
and she looks at the dress and she says,
she says I am beautiful.
and when me and him smile,
she says,
we are beautiful.
and we smile beautifully.
and that's rare to find.

02 May 2009


imagine a white room
totally white.
imagine a record player on the ground
covered in white sheets.

*this will be the record playing:
paavoharju "laulu laakson kukista"

imagine eventually
three polaroid enlargements
printed on cotton paper,
hanging on the wall
in front of you.

imagine the polaroid
will be something
like these:

can you picture all of this in your mind?


this will be your
only written guide
through my innerside

what would you say?

01 May 2009

we met by a trick of fate.

"I was waiting to be struck by lightning
waiting for somebody exciting"

* G I U L I A ©
sparkling diamond heart
"I wanted to control it
but love, I couldn't hold it
I wanted to control it
but love, I couldn't hold it"

camera obscura
french navy
lp of the week

(and much more).