23 February 2010


Sigur Rós has always been one of my favourite bands of all time, and their show - at the milano arena civica in july 2008 - was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.
Jónsi & Alex with their project Riceboy Sleeps are also extremely pleasent to my ears and I find them very inspiring.
Now Jón Þór Birgisson aka Jónsi is presenting a solo project that I am expecting to be absolutely out standing and beautiful.
I have just bought the brand new single "Go Do" from iTunes - coming with an HD video: my ears are melting and my mind has blown away.

✻✻✻ images from "Go Do" video.
the album "Go" will be out in april and Jónsi is now touring around the world: I can't wait to see him in june.


  1. hahaha do you remember that you tried to give me jonsi as a nickname? you never managed though cause it didn't stick ;)

    btw that sigur ros concert in parco sempione verde marrone was magical. i'll never forget the combination of the music and the beautiful thunder and lightning that was in the sky that night.

  2. haha I REMEMBER (as father jack says when he's sober :P).
    I think it's a lovely name :D

    btw yes. it was an awesome concert with awesome company!

  3. Emilia23.2.10

    VERDE MARRONE hahahaha johannes you're sooo right :D
    Polly mi piacciono un sacco le foto del video :)

  4. sì il video è stupendo.
    veditelo tutto!

  5. oh how beautiful. i wish i could wake up in the clip. lol.

  6. yeah me too. god he's such a genius. top! (: