31 March 2010

outfit 01.

today I went to the hairstylist for the first time in two years.
I went back to my old hairstyle: the FRINGE.
❝it is the last day of march and spring has finally come to milano: I have decided I am going to share my spring outfits here on Passer Domesticus for a few days, until I run out of clothes and my "matching creativity" is gone.❞

✏ I would like to see if secondhand and cheap outfits can get kudos.

29 March 2010

open letter to my mother.

yesterday I have decided to tell my mam about my rabbit timo. I think her reaction was bad and out of place: her words really made me upset. ❞
I wrote her this open letter, but it's mostly addressed to myself and to the readers of Passer Domesticus.

letter translation - hoping that mam will read this and think about it.

P.S. I hope finnish people like rabbits, just in case I have to move in with somebody.

23 March 2010



what polly likes and what jacopo likes. whatever we dream of and about. today we have built up our tiny nest: http://ourdreamlikenest.tumblr.com/.

21 March 2010

villa de vecchi.

Villa De Vecchi - Cortenova

✻ a photo of the villa in the late 1800.
if you know italian - read more about it here and here.

fuji instax mini.
on saturday we went to visit the villa and we took some photos there: I am posting a few here.
the stormy weather and the woods behind the building gave a good feeling and, even though we found no ghosts, it was a very spectacoular visit.
♡ it is the season for exploring once again!

20 March 2010

alterego three.

ALTERego . 03

✻✻✻ third stage of "ALTERego".
♥ this is the ALTERego that I feel the most:
me and my grandmother ebe have some strong similarities.
fuji fp 100c - artwork: Polly Balitro

17 March 2010

alterego two.

ALTERego . 02

✻✻✻ second stage of "ALTERego".
fuji fp 100c - artwork: Polly Balitro

16 March 2010

*memories from athens.

some snapshots from my nikon fm:
if you are wondering "what are the caterpillars doing on a line?" and "why is that orange smashed on the street?" - go and ask amanda & emma: two of the best girl friends I've ever have.
♡♡♡ thank you for those lovely days!

15 March 2010


♥ letter from Miia:

© A N T I L O O P P I &
I am pennyless, but today I got this lovely letter and I felt loved - it contained also a tiny bird!

la casa della nonna.

keep it just the way she left it,
please don't touch grandma's home.

"she had this beautiful garden: two or three pine trees, a cherry tree, that grew sweet red cherries every spring, a kaki tree, kiwies, and of course the pear tree - she gave me and my sister a couple of pears every time we went for a pic nic. she had rabbits and birds she took care of so well. and she grew pumpkins, carrots, peas and tomatoes in her garden. the garden smelled of fruits and vegetables. the house smelled like ancient memorabilia and naftaline from the big wardrobe in her bedroom. the kitchen was yellow, smelled of fresh white bread - I remember she kept there her favourite little cakes to eat - ferrero's fiesta."

I wish I was still there,
listening to her sweet voice singing to me.

08 March 2010

athens pt. two.

my touristic moment in athens.
after visiting the acropolis, amanda and emma took us to another small antiques shop.
*this is what I found there:
P.S. I believe that the girl who appears in every picture must be the same one. I also believe that she looks pretty and she reminds me about the girl with the apple.