04 August 2010

special gifts.

before "packing time" starts, I want to share with you something special.

✻ Silja, Jacopo's mam, gave me this beautifully illustrated book, which belonged to her and inspired her when she was young.

a lovely best wishing card from Jacopo's brother Matteo.

my dear friend Sylvie gifted me with this beauty: I know she got it in one of my favourite shops of all time in Milano.

✻ my Emi found this soft and beautifully decorated scarf especially for me.
Jacopo and I went around riding his Vespa once again before the departing: he took me to a new place, a just built botanical garden close to my house; I am going to see it inside as soon as I come back to Milano for a visit.


  1. Anonymous4.8.10

    <3 Polly..
    sei preziosissima (:

  2. sì *_* e anche tu lo sei *_*
    sono felice!

  3. :) ma che bello <3

  4. (: sì! mi avete reso molto felice (:

  5. yes wow (: I feel extra loved *_*