13 September 2010

*I am what is around me.

Finland makes me feel the real essence of autumn and its colours.

the ground is everyday more covered in leaves falling of the birch trees.

I have started collecting different sizes of birch leaves with a new idea/project in mind. at the moment, I collect a few of them every second day and store them first in a book and then in a paper box.

♡ today I got another letter from my mam- once again with a few supporting words noted down on a piece of paper.
✻ ✻ ✻

within this week mostly all my theory courses will start. today I attended the first Aesthetics lesson and I got my first book at the school library. tomorrow is Environmental Art Backgrounds turn.


  1. the autumn in helsinki is indeed special <3

  2. yes (: <3 and if M is my friend maisa, then it's even more special with you (;

  3. :) e allora viva la finlandia hehe <3

  4. ah polly. how beautiful this is. i cant wait to see helsinki. i missed u.

  5. you should defenetly see helsinki amanda, and me especially :P

  6. Anonymous13.9.10


  7. hey polly, i've got some things to send you.. remind me of your address x

  8. address is: harustie 8 C 027
    00980 helsinki

    can't wait (:!