07 October 2010

lettera #3.

tomorrow I will be in his arms again.
♡♡♡ 3rd letter from Jacopo.

another piece to sew with the first two ones.

♥ this beautiful siili was the guest star of this envelope.

I am so lucky: Jacopo decided to give me two pieces of his precious old postcards collection.
not to mention that with this letter he also sent me my favourite toothbrush because I can't find this brand here in finland.
✻ ✻ ✻

♡ this letter from my friend Joey came in almost unexpected.

the cards she sent are so nice and she also sent some leaves from london.
will finnish and english leaves get along?


  1. ombrenelcielo7.10.10

    most wonderful letters ever <3
    Pollyni ti amo tantissimo <3

  2. nähdään huomenna kulta ˆ_ˆ

  3. ah polly every time i get so embarrassed we havent sent yet...

  4. hehe (: don't worry. there's plenty of time to send letters, I am not going away from finland for a good while (: