11 October 2010

visita in italia.

I have just got back from a lovely weekend in Italy: my purpose was mainly to visit my family - since they haven't got the time to come to Helsinki yet.
Jacopo got fuji instax film!

Timo is doing lovely.

✻ Jacopo and I baked kanelipulla's for the family and I have spent the sweetest time ever with my parents and my dearest Emi.

✻ spending sometime in Milano was also nice: I got to see my apartment.
I am quite tired now because of the traveling day I had - but this family time was totally worth it.
I must tell you I got back with two important items for the winter: a special jacket - warm but made with eco materials! - I have found with Emi's and Jacopo's help and a pair of lovely "desert fantasy" boots.


  1. Anonymous11.10.10

    you are right, a sweet weekend of lovely visit to the parents, Emi and your lovely Timo <3 it was so nice being with you during these days kultani Polly <3

  2. it was so so lovely (: and finally we got some photos taken of the two of us <3

  3. lovely photos! <3 i'm glad you had nice time (: i miss you.

  4. I am right back here and I can't wait to see you <3 (:

  5. รจ stato un bellissimo weekend :) <3
    ti voglio bene!
    non vedo l'ora di venirti a trovare!
    p.s. grazie per il link a scarabocchi blu :)

  6. ti aspetto con tutto il cuore <3