03 October 2010


❝since I have moved to Finland I can't sleep for too long in the mornings, not even at weekends. I open the courtains, go back to bed and watch the birds that come and eat at my windows. sometimes the morning can be bright, some other times the sky is pale and gray. these are the times when I miss home the most. most of all I miss Jacopo. when he is around the perspective of the world around me changes complitely, like if it was always a bright day. when the bad feelings get me complitely, all I can think of is what I miss: my family, my Timo over all. no matter how hard I try, I still can't feel at home here.❞
I try to concentrate on the birds.
I like the way they are moving their heads repeatedly to eat at my bird feeders. they are delicate but beautiful and certainley strong, if they can survive the winter.
yesterday morning I went to Valtteri fleamarket as I do almost every saturday morning.

✻ there I have found this wonderful set of figurines.
I like the fact that my friend Kasia came with me: she has been one very caring and special neighbor for me. I like the fact that after almost two months I can name at least three people as my friends here, besides my flatmates, who have been very kind since I have moved, and besides the birds and the squirrels who have always been friendly.
poladroids of other special things I have got yesterday: the white chair and the numerous knitted accessories.
scusate se sono prolissa.


  1. polly it was like that for me too in the first weeks in sweden. u ll feel great soon. surely. n i ll come visit u soon n u ll show me all wonderful things there! also what awesome things u bought little bird!

  2. Bellissimo questo post, sono commossa <3

  3. I really hope things will change soon. at the moment tho I feel much better than one month ago for instace... I guess it's getting better day by day, but I have never thought it would have been son hard.

    emi mi manchi <3

  4. Anonymous3.10.10

    <3 <3 <3 <3
    I hope you really want me with you super soon my dear Polly amoreni (:

  5. I do want you with me... now :P <3