12 November 2010

lettera #4.

♡♡♡ 4th letter from Jacopo.

it took a week to arrive since it was heavily filled with surprises.

✻ I got postcards from his collection, a pocket notebook he have found in his second hand army coat, two special memories from when he was a baby - his first winter hat and little Jacopo figure, a metal box for my salmiakki, a piece of the finest torrone - my favourite italian christmas sweet, seeds and a hand made knife to prepare a little home garden.

I am really happy about this letter and I have already attached it to the love-letters-courtain.
I am waiting for Jacopo to come here in two weeks - since I am really busy in school time will fly!


  1. che meraviglia *-*

  2. sì. sono felicissima :)

  3. so I will fly back to our love-nest <3

  4. just 14 days left. well almost 13 :) <3

  5. cant wait to see what this love curtain looks like!

  6. I am going to take photos of it when it grows a little bigger ;)