20 December 2010

♡ darkroom.

one good thing about being back in milano for a few days is to be able to do some DARKROOM works finally.
I have missed my darkroom equipment so much!

some prints of fuji fp-100 negatives of various moments in helsinki. do you remember the positive of each one?2011 goal: find a way to bring all the darkroom equipment in finland.


  1. these prints are beautiful. I have missed so much printing together in the darkroom and I think bringing all the equipment there won't be a problem, it is just a matter of organizing and packing the stuff ;)

    btw I really love how these pictures turned to be in b/w, we should shot more FPs ;)

  2. fps have always been awesome. but after this process are even more awesome. woop woop :) yes let's do more!

  3. ps: we should also edit the korkeasaari video!

  4. absolutely :)
    do you have it?

  5. yes *__* maybe I should bring it at yours so we can edit it this afternoon?


  6. amazing all of them! this is brilliant! i m in love with this post! i think i remember some of the photos. the second is my favourite of all. i like how it turned out!

  7. thank youy :) :) :) the second one is a view of the city pier from the boat going to suomelinna :) the negative was pretty much ruined, but that's what makes it so special I think :)