16 December 2010

snapshots and more.

christmas is almost here: tomorrow I am taking a plane to visit my family and spend sometime together. I have spent the past few days with Jacopo - visiting some of our favourite sites here in Helsinki.
some snapshots - kodak portra 400.


sealife - our first time at the Helsinki aquarium.

✻ I wish me and Jacopo could get done more photos of us together.
we finally went to seurasaari today to feed some birds.
lovely christmas letter from Miia

P.S. I have spent an absolutely lovely Pikku Joulu with Wensi and Jacopo last night - it made me really happy ♡


  1. I've spent a whole month with you and that made me really happy <3 I hope it made you happy too <3

  2. I want more and more and more whole months with you :)

  3. polly what beautiful hair n the most awesome photo with the owls! n nice jacopos!

  4. thank you so much for the "beautiful hair" part especially :D I feel like my hair is a little bit suffering underneath the hats costantly... but if you say it's beautiful then I am happy :D

  5. i actually thought the same thing, that your hair looks very pretty! (:
    i love the photos with the whales.

    and the last photo is komisaario palmu! awesome!

  6. thank you my dear maisani <3

    miia sent me that photo because the lady next to komisaario palmu does the voice of pikku myy - she told me :)