10 December 2010

kynäpussi ja piparitalo.

I got mail today - despite the 50cm plus of snow everything works here.
♡ from Joey

♡ my special handmade pencil case

my pencil case came with a christmas postcard. it is a present from Ukki and Mummi. Jacopo got his own pencil case done from the same artist when he was a little kid in Oulu.
I also sent mail today.
then me and Jacopo decided to prepare our first MUUMI PIPARITALO.

I hope you enjoy the video about the house-making. my heart is full of love.


  1. <3 che cose preziose (:

  2. che meraviglia il video e l'astuccio davvero.
    sono senza parole.
    non vedo l'ora di stare un pò con voi <3

  3. grazie :D peccato che non possiamo portare la casa dei muumit in italia!

  4. polly what a marvelous moomin house!!

  5. yay :) thank you amanda :D
    somebody should help us eat it since I have a very bad sore tooth and it's really really huge for just me and jacopo :D

  6. oh! can i have some? lol

  7. if you can come here for tonight at 8 we will have a pikku joulu :D