28 February 2010

hyvää syntymäpäivää jacopolle.

29th✻ february 2010: happy BIRD day Jacopo.

what's in the box? try to guess.
P.S. thanks everyone for the wonderful time yesterday night!

25 February 2010

buon compleanno papà.

March the 4th: in a week, it will be my dad's birthday.
not to mention that the same day I will be leaving for Athens, I wouldn't have been able to give this to him in person anyway, since we don't live in the same city. that is why me and emi decided to post him a little surprise letter, that should reach my family home easily before next week.

♡ my dad has always been a good looking man, with blue eyes and dark hair.
I love him a tremendous amount.
sometimes I wish I was leaving close to everyone I love, especially the day of their birthdays. but since it's not possible, I am travelling!
P.S. the present has something to do with a public transports card that he can use when he visits milano.

23 February 2010


Sigur Rós has always been one of my favourite bands of all time, and their show - at the milano arena civica in july 2008 - was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.
Jónsi & Alex with their project Riceboy Sleeps are also extremely pleasent to my ears and I find them very inspiring.
Now Jón Þór Birgisson aka Jónsi is presenting a solo project that I am expecting to be absolutely out standing and beautiful.
I have just bought the brand new single "Go Do" from iTunes - coming with an HD video: my ears are melting and my mind has blown away.

✻✻✻ images from "Go Do" video.
the album "Go" will be out in april and Jónsi is now touring around the world: I can't wait to see him in june.

22 February 2010

family snapshot two.

family snapshot two: "linus' blanket"
linus had a blanket, but I had a bra. I used to carry around one of my mother's bra wherever I went to. I was totally weird even back then.

21 February 2010

family snapshot one.

family snapshot one: "the big picture"

I spent the weekend at my family home, where I found this*.
I was looking for some drawings I did when I was a piccolina, but I didn't find anything interesting except a couple of pretty ridicolous letters to santa claus. on the other hand, I found a cardboard box full of the funniest family snapshots. I collected a few of them and I have decided I am starting to post one, that is infact showing a drawing of mine.

04 February 2010

dearest penfriend.

Amanda made me once again the happiest person: her letters are full of surprises and love.
I am glad that we are penfriends and I am extremely happy that she is especially a real friend of mine.

02 February 2010

animal drawings.

childish drawings of my bird and my rabbit.