27 January 2011

lettera #5.

♡ 5th letter from Jacopo.
actually this should have been letter number 6 - unfortunately though the real 5th letter was sent in early december but never delivered to me.
this is a late birthday letter but full of lovely surprises!

✻ notice the blue ribbon on the envelope.

Jacopo as a baby in finland.

a finnish book for kids with beautiful images and easy text to improve my suomi.

✻ the white treasure box is hand made - the yellow candies are made with honey and the bags are full of bio camomille flowers.

"Teille on isokokoinen kirje."
I thought about sharing this postcard since I got it in the mail with Jacopo's lettercode for me to go and pick it up in Vuosaari post office - letter #5 was too big for my mailbox but it was totally worth the effort. GRAZIE JACOPO ♡


  1. evviva evviva evviva <3
    che tenero jacopo da piccolo poi! *-*

  2. haha sìsì :) è uguale di viso, vero? <3

  3. :) Pollyni! onpa hieno blogpost!

    I am happy you finally got the letter!

  4. onpa hieno kirje jacopo <3 :) haha adoro la parola "ONPA" :)