26 January 2011


"the luggage" project was born in december - related to a possible group exhibition along with other environmental artists in TAIK.

the idea behind it is to create and represent an inner and complex world inside a relatively small space like a hand luggage. the constant flow of everyday life - the continuos moving from a place to another makes the matkalaukku something even more precious and dear: what will I decide to bring along? what will I collect during my journey? this small box with handles carries not only material stuff but especially memories, sensations and new ideas.
sneak peek of my matkalaukku:

the photographs and letter pages are what I have carried along and collected for the past few years - from left to right city landscapes and people give place to the nature landscapes and ocean pieces. what do people mean to me? what does nature mean instead?

the human birch trees stay for the symbolical metamorphosis of a mind influenced by the new natural landscape. is finland the metamorphosis place?

✻ the transparent envelopes contain different pieces of nature which I have been collecting during my first months here. there are dried leaves, berries, melted snow and other symbolical memories of the nature surrounding me. what will I collect next?

story of the collected pieces:

♡ video editing and pollybalitro.com updates are a courtesy of Jacopo.


  1. memorable piece of art, this one. I really like this matkalaukku concept. I think the finnish word alone can be descriptive of the idea, in a better way than the english "luggage".

    (: by the way, the video is coming soon!

  2. thank you for your precious help, as always, and for your nice words <3

  3. bellissimo Polly! Mi ricorda 2 film che mi piaciono molto: " Everything is Illuminated" e " White Oleander". <3

  4. such beautiful beautiful piece of art, pollyni ♥ i love it!

  5. vanessa <3 hai colpito in pieno, ovviamente :) si tratta di due dei miei film preferiti e mi danno una grande ispirazione da sempre :)

    dear maisa <3 when you visit I can show it to you... and hopefully you'll see it in taik sometime soon, when we get to expose it? <3

  6. :-)
    Anche miei! <3
    Amo le collezioni, le valigie, la natura, le foto...
    Vorrei vedere dal vivo!!

  7. e anche io vorrei vederti dal vivo qui che la vedi :) se capisci cosa intendo ;)
    ti abbraccio <3

  8. pollyni! this is an amzing project n what a beautiful unique suitcase u got there! good luck exposing it! i d love to walk in somewhere n look at it! ;)

  9. thank you amanda :) the suitcase itself was a beautiful birthday present from Johannes actually. I've been treasure it for quite a few years now :)

  10. <3 <3 <3 Non vedo l' ora, veramente...miss u!

  11. meraviglia! *-*
    specialmente il concetto di human birches.
    che bel lavoro!

  12. il concetto di human birches sarĂ  probabilmente ampliato e portato avanti per il mio lavoro di master tesi :) grazie emi <3