15 January 2011

bird day.

I have recieved much love by mail and I have spent the day with my dearest Kasia and Maisa.
happy birthday to me.

Emi sent me some surprises along with this lovely card: a yellow-senap nailpolish and woolen leggings.
I wish she was here to spend our birthday together.

mamma and papà sent a letter with surprises too.

Miia posted me this amazing Pikku Myy foulard.

Kasia printed a portrait that she took of me with her fantastic horizon camera.
despite the fact my family and Jacopo wasn't here with me - I have spent a beautiful birthday day: Helsinki was cold and bright and the snow was shining like million crystals.


  1. <3 <3 <3
    and we were singing some songs together a couple of minutes ago (:

    happy syntymäpäivä Pollyni (:

  2. that was one of the best moment of the whole day <3

  3. Anonymous16.1.11

    ahah, anch'io lo chiamo sempre il "bird-day" :)
    tanti auguri a te e a tua sorella emi!
    ti seguo sempre con bloglovin'...: posti sempre delle cose molto belle ed interessanti!
    ciao polly! <3

  4. ti ringrazio tanto cora :) ti auguro una buona giornata :)

  5. <3 ti voglio bene
    sono tanto contenta che anche tu abbia passato una giornata speciale... è vero eravamo lontane, ma per fortuna avevamo entrambe delle persone meravigliose accanto a noi.
    e poi noi siamo sempre vicine con il cuore!

  6. non vedo l'ora di poterti riabbracciare <3