25 April 2011

matka pohjoiseen #4.

for the first time ever we decided to rent a car and travel across Finland
- to get from Helsinki to Oulu.
♡ photographs taken along the way

during our 8-hours-journey - we came across beautiful forests, huge fields with wooden cottages and hundreds of lakes.

we have stopped many times to take photographs - since we carried many cameras along with us.

in Oulu we went biking everyday and did other lovely outdoor things - all the snow had melted and the weather was beautiful.

it was one of the best journeys I have ever had - not to mention that I have also found a beautiful feather.

do you know to which bird it belonged?
P.S. if you would like to see all the other photographs we have taken and hear more stories about our journey... come to visit me and Jacopo!


  1. ********** x10000

    I know that bird's name, I can tell it to you <3

  2. such beautiful, beautiful photos! you two are so lovely ♥

  3. Maisa <3 I have missed you. I am glad you like the photographs :)

  4. everythg is beyond amazing! i hope to see it up close sometime! fantastic n great photographing. how did it go with Tove in the car? everythg fine?

  5. thanks a lot Amanda :) Tove was a little scared at first, probably because of the sound of the car, but then she fell asleep and everything went fine :)

  6. bellissime foto e bellissimo viaggio immagino, spero di sentire altri particolari molto presto e anche di visitare quei posti :) molto bello anche il blog di jacopo <3

  7. emini <3 avresti dovuto esserci :)