13 March 2011

matka pohjoiseen #3.

I have spent a few days in Oulu with Jacopo and his family: once again it was really relaxing to live in a proper finnish wooden house in the countryside - eating delcious meals and freshly baked sweets prepared by lovely Kyllikki. I have come back home with two finnish books, handmade woolen socks and slippers, a few instant shots to share.
POLAROIDS 779 expired october 2004

on friday it was snowing so much that we had to clean the backyard.

on saturday the sun was shining so much that we had to wear sunglasses and it felt like spring again.

✻ we went to the art museum where there was an interesting installation of musical instruments made out of recycled waste.

Jacopo and the symbol of Oulu.

✻ it was also the first long distance trip for Tove - who took the 7th-hours-lenght journey by train pretty well and especially enjoyed the company of Mummi and Ukki and their soft sofa.