09 June 2011

newspaper cuts 5.

since I have moved to the city centre I am walking everywhere - so I hardly ever bump into Metro newspapers. I still want to share a few snippets about animals and I would be happy to keep on posting more if I ever find more.
these snippets are a week old:
• a sad snippet about a deer - who was found injured on the street and unfortunately he couldn't recover.
• the story of a pony named Laku-Pekka in Kerava - outside Helsinki.
• about Lasse the eagle - who flew a long way to get back home to Finland.
I think it is lovely that the pony and the eagle are named Laku-Pekka and Lasse.


  1. Che tenerissimi *-*

  2. sapevo ti sarebbe piaciuto <3

  3. Questi ritagli...
    Devo ricominciare a prendere e portare a casa il metro per te <3

  4. sì... anche se è difficile trovarlo in giro, se non sulla metro... <3