28 June 2011

vermeer pinhole 2.

Jacopo and I had finally the chance to test the vermeer pinhole camera.
film sheets - kodak portra 160 NC
✻ I believe that the light leaks and the grain are really intriguing!
despite the film and the processing being so expensive - I am positively convinced to work with this beautiful pinhole camera to a personal project that should evolve into an exhibition in autumn.


  1. omg polly i m totally in love with ur pinhole photos!!! pls yes take a 100 photos with it for ur exhibition!!! <3

  2. haha :) a 100! that would be lovely, but I would have to sell the house to get that much film... I'll see what I can do. anyways, thanks for your support my dear :)

  3. amanda if you forward us 10000 euros to cover develop and print costs of 100 4x5 film sheet maybe we could decide to take that amount of pictures :D

    anyway, best camera pick ever ;)

  4. I am sure she will, won't you dear ;)
    anyways, as you just made me noticed, on ebay there are some good offers from the US!