20 June 2011

vacanze italiane 2.

I have just got back from a week in Italy where I visited my family.
Emi has got longer hair than the last time I saw her - she even manages to have a ponytail!
we visited such an inspiring place: an abandoned sanatorium between the Alps - that Emi had been reading about: Prasomaso.
FAMIGLIA! we all look funny on this polaroid - the sun was in our eyes and we were all a little sad that I was leaving.
it is always wonderful to see my dad, my mam and my sister - now I am waiting for them to come and visit me in Helsinki!
P.S. Emi gave me a special book:


  1. ombrenelcielo20.6.11

    a very rushy week but it was nice to see our families for a while (:

  2. it was really nice, but it feels great to be back at our finnish routine!

  3. Vi voglio bene. Mi mancherete...

  4. anche io ti voglio bene <3