21 July 2011

ciao nonna.

in the middle of my road trip to the north - I am stopping here for a moment.
I would like to say goodbye to grandma Mariuccia
I have written something for her today - my message lays in the beauty of finnish nature and I am sure she can read it from above.
I feel empty knowing that all my grandparents are gone. I keep the sweetest memories in my heart - there is no such affection like the one you feel for your grandparents!
thank you Emi for mailing me these beautiful photographs of my grandma.
ciao nonna ♥


  1. that's so true... there's no love like the one between a grandparent and a grandson...
    i'm sure she loved it!

  2. Thank you for your nice words, Joana

  3. Ciao nonna, ti voglio bene <3

  4. i'm sorry for your loss, lots of hugs ♥
    this is such a beautiful post.

  5. Awww Maisa, my dear friend <3

  6. this is beautiful polly. ur nonna will be proud. <3

  7. Thank you, Amanda! I hope she will!

  8. Awwh omg i feel exactly the same way about my grandparents because i just left them two days ago and it makes me sad since they told me not to go just yet. Those photos are beautiful and i'm sure your grandma will appreciate it so much.

    I wish i get to see my other grandpa since he died at such an early age, it would be amazing to see how many grand children he has!

  9. Yes, the time we spend with them never seems to be enough...