09 August 2011

from kasia.

• you can play the music video at the bottom of the page while you read this.
Kasia sends her love with a beautiful card - which I have absolutely to share here.
yellow is my favourite colour lately.
this colourful illustration is by polish artist Elżbieta Wasiuczyńska.
Kasia knows how I feel for birds.
dzięki ♥♥♥
I cannot wait for her to come back from Warsaw!

Paula i Karol make me think of her - lately one of my favourite bands.


  1. <3 nice post...

    Kate made you a special present and was such a lovely idea because that bird and the postcard are beautiful <3

  2. yes. she's a lovely person <3

  3. :D im the messenger!

  4. absolutely :) without you this letter wouldn't have got here that easily! thank you Justyna :)