10 August 2011

postcards from europe.

a couple of weeks ago I was told about an interesting project - I had immediately decided to take part in it with Jacopo.
our personal contribution to Postcards from Europe:
our postcard from Finland.
"Postcards from Europe has been set up by a group of young artists and producers based in the UK who are working together to put on an exhibition of new creative work by emerging artists from across Europe. [...] Young international artists taking part in the project will be asked to produce a ‘postcard’ representing the place in which they live and work. This ‘postcard’ will act as a starting point for conversation between young artists from different cultures on the themes of place, European identity, and individual creative practices. [...] The exhibition of artists’ postcards will take place from 1st Oct - 15th Nov at Wem Town Hall, an emerging arts venue in the West Midlands. A publication featuring the work of the artists alongside accompanying essays and interviews will be produced in tandem with the exhibition."
• read more about it on postcardsfromeurope.tumblr.com


  1. Che interessante *-* e la cartolina è davvero bellissima :) <3

  2. grazie Emi :)
    sì, il progetto è decisamente interessante e sono molto felice di averne preso parte!

  3. *__* Emi mi hai preceduto!

    :) sono contentissimo che abbiamo partecipato!

  4. :-) sarebbe bellissimo poter andare all'esibizione *_*

  5. the postcards from europe is a really nice idea! and your postcard is gorgeous*

  6. Owh wow that sounds like an exciting project! funny how i just engraved a postcard on glass in my glass making class. Your postcard looks lovely! i wish i could be a part of it, too bad i live off way Europe haha. but i'll keep an eyet, can't wait to see what people post!

    Please come and visit melbourne, i'll definitely take you around :)

  7. Thank you, Celsee :)
    I would love to, when I will have the money... and I will eventually :P