03 August 2011

my finnish postcards.

I have been inspired to design my own postcards of Finland: my photographs of finnish landscapes with my sketches of finnish animals.
HERE they are:
from top to bottom: taivas // sky #1 - metsä // forest #2 #3 #4 - meri // sea #5 #6 - järvi // lake #7 #8
if you would like to receive any of them - or any of these other postcards - please contact me.
this is what you will get:
1€ per postcard + postage rate
if you are around Helsinki drop by Kallio Flea Market on the 25th of August - you may find some of my postcards there.


  1. really nice postcards :) :)

    haha yes, spanish, it's the closet language i know, and i noticed that if you don't ask "could i speak spanish with you ?" they're fine with it, but if you ask, you're dead. the converstation takes an all other turn.
    it's so hard not to know the local language ! i was speaking swedish aswell ! like a foreign language reflex ! so stupid !

  2. you know, the funny thing is that - I don't know about Sicily, but at least in the north of Italy, where my family comes from - you should have been able to communicate in french. I remember french as the only language that my parents were taught in school!

  3. Polly! These are adorable!

  4. wow, thanks Lille! :)

  5. *-* che bellissimo lavoro <3

  6. grazie Emi :) hai visto selflandscapes?

  7. that s a great idea. i think i like them all!!!

  8. These are very beautiful and original, Polly!
    I would love to visit Helsinki one day (and eat lots of salmiakki with chocolate)! ;)

  9. Thank you :)))

    it's funny you would like to try salmiakki... it has a very peculiar taste. I have learnt to appreciate it with time though ;)

  10. Hello!
    I would very much like to buy your postcard prints! How do I go about doing that??

  11. Thank you for contacting me Audrey! I have replied to your e-mail :)