13 August 2011


I have asked Emi ♡ to send me some scanned photographs of our childhood - since I really miss my family sometimes.
10 photos of my childhood in the 90s:
✻ when me and and Emi were just a few days old - with my mam and dad.
✻ my family's garden looked so different back then - there was even a birch tree.
our pram belonged to my mother's family for generations - my great grandmother knitted that colourful quilt for us.
✻ we went to the seaside in Tuscany every summer until we turned 6 years old - I remember that giant dog was there every single year.
✻ we must have loved going by bike with dad - even though we both had our own small bikes.
✻ my mam started cutting her hair short back then - we were always so tanned in summer time.
✻ Emi must have found these two last photographs together - as they are both apparently cropped for some squared frames.
✻ I have uploaded these photographs in the exact order which my sister has chosen. I cannot really tell exactly how old we were in each of them -but they were all taken approximately between 1987 and 1995.
35mm film family photographs were so common through the 1990s - these photographs make me smile every time I look at them. I feel sad when I think about families today - it seems like all they get is boring digital shots.


  1. Che belli che siamo :) <3

  2. sì <3 grazie ancora, Emi!

  3. beautifull pictures :)
    i like old foto!
    a lot of history there...and nice time :)

  4. thank you my dear Mansikka :) yes, old family photographs are amazing indeed!

  5. Ohhhh Polly!!!

    What a beautiful family - and you and Emi are precious!!! :O

  6. wow polly! those r so good! we were discussing about the photos of today's families as well! lol. (my favourite is the one with the dog)

  7. ♥♥♥! these are so lovely.

    i'm so glad i still have analog photos from my childhood!

  8. thank you, Maisa <3

    yes, analogue photographs are always the most awesome!