01 September 2011

welcome back september.

september means autumn and university - today was the official opening day at Aalto campus in Otaniemi and when I woke up it was 13° degrees outside. my goal for the just started autumn semester is to take the most of it not to be unprepared when the first snow falls.
I salute september with a beautiful house sparrow's feather:
yesterday a little sparrow flew into my apartment's window: he managed to escape the cat and found his way back out - but he has left this tiny feather behind - which now goes into my feathers collection.
♡ today I have also sent a letter to Emi and I have got a lovely one from her. she has sent some pages out of a finnair magazine - my favourite is about the fishes of the Baltic Sea.
she has also sent one of the most adorable photographs of my dad as a child - it makes me smile when I see that my grandma used to dress him up in such a girlish way. I wonder when did his hair turned from blond to black? I can only tell it is him because of his name written in the back of the photograph.
one more thing: Jacopo has been spending a lot of time updating my website - I think you should take a look at it since he has done a wonderful job!


  1. lot of time <3 with you <3

  2. please! lots of bike-time with you also :)

  3. ur website is bloody amazing! i wanted to tell in the morning also! it s soooo good! bravo to u both!!!

  4. I am really glad you like it :) I will tell Jacopo also. he's becoming a real master at web design!

  5. :) <3 <3 <3

  6. Ohhh, Polly I love everything here!

    One day I will go to Finland!!!!

    p.s. Your website is lovely! Hooray for Jacopo! heeheee ;)

  7. that feather is precious! brown and blueish gray... so beautiful!
    i still can't belive that's a little boy! so cute!
    congrats to you and jacopo on your site. it looks amazing!

  8. Jacopo is King of the Website! :) great work brawo brawo! :D
    oh..your Dad..what a cute! :D lovely pic!:)

  9. I was happy when I have found that feather! it was still intact and pretty! thank you all for the appreciations towards my website!!!