24 December 2011

family time.

christmas time has always been family time for me. this year will be different since both my grandmas are no longer with us - but that doesn't mean I will forget them. being at my parents house these days - I have been looking for more old family photographs and I have found some I have never seen before.

• nonna Ebe and nonno Dino in their beautiful garden:

these pictures were all taken by my dad in 1968 - when he was 18 years old.

• nonna Ebe and nonno Dino's home with my dad's first car:

the first of the batch is a blow up - the others were still taken in 1968 but with a different camera.

• my dad as a boy:

two of the best photos I have ever found of my dad - in my opinion.

the ones I have uploaded here are just a few of the photographs I have found: I have many more to look at during my family Christmas time.
♥ Christmas with my family is one of the best time of the year - I hope you are having a lovely family Christmas time too!


  1. Anonymous24.12.11

    <3 these pictures are just lovely.
    I like the ones of your father too, he is always charming!

  2. thank you :-)
    yes he is still a charming man indeed!

  3. superhandsome dad!
    and wow new nonna ebe!
    what great discoveries really! <3

  4. thank you, Amanda :-)
    I hope you're having a lovely Christmas eve!

  5. :))) bellissime queste foto! Sarà un bel natale tutti assieme <3

  6. Ahhh family time is always the best and i also love looking through old photos! Merry christmas Polly, eat loads and keep being awesome :) Wow you know those 2nd batch of photos looks like they've been taken frm instagrams haha.

    I'll say it again, your dad was very dashing! Such great photos

  7. how could I translate "dashing" in italian for him? :-)

    thank you and happy Xmas to you too!

  8. oh.... old family photos are always so lovely!
    your grandparents had a beautiful garden!
    but i guess the photo i love the most is the one of your father in school with the atlas in the background :) just precious!

  9. I absolutely agree :-) it's a beautiful picture!