25 December 2011

merry christmas.

I hope you all had a happy christmas!
like every christmas I have started my day by opening presents and cards: reading all those notes and looking at my friend's gifts have made my heart warmer.

some cards to share the happiness:

♥ from Emi

♥ from Kasia

♥ from Anne

♥ from Jacopo

♥ from Annika & Andrea

♥ from Luca & Paul

♥ from Sylvie

♥ from Viola
thank you so much my friends!


  1. thank you!
    I am going to read your card too as soon as I get back home :-)

  2. so many thoughtful cards!
    lucky polly :)
    *you may be getting another one soon*

  3. thanks everyone for the nice comments :-)

    Joana :-) I cannot wait!

  4. Anonymous26.12.11

    aww, it was very nice to post all of these!