11 December 2011

top 10 birds.

often I have been asked what is my favourite bird - I have eventually decided to prepare a top 10 chart of my favourite birds of northern europe.

top 10 birds from my Pohjolan Lintukirja:

1) house sparrow - the most beautiful ever between the most common birds.
2) robin bird - my grandma's favourite bird.
3) great grey owl - the biggest and my favourite between owls.
4) great black-backed gull - my favourite between seagulls as it reminds me of the ocean.
5) black bird - I will always connect this bird with my childhood and with the famous song by the Beatles.
6) magpie - because of the well known "1 for sorrow, 2 for joy..."
7) white-backed woodpecker - the woodpecker that used to eat by my window in Vuosaari.
8) bullfinch - a bird that truly represents finnish winter for me.
9) sea eagle - the eagle with the most beautiful sound ever.
10) puffin - the only bird in my top 10 that I haven't encountered yet: I hope I will soon.

I had never thought that making my top 10 birds chart would have been so difficult - I couldn't really make up my mind!


  1. Anonymous11.12.11

    :D lovely!

    you should have made a top 20!

  2. top 20 would have been too easy... I wanted to challenge myself ;-)

  3. che cosa tenera :) รจ stato interessante scoprirla :) <3

  4. davvero non sapevi neppure quale fosse il mio preferito in assoluto?

  5. beautiful selection!
    i think out of those i like the house sparrow and the robin bird the most :)

  6. they are definitely the cutest in my opinion too: they are tiny but strong and beautiful!

  7. ToooOOOooooooooo wonderful.....!!!!!!!!!

    *chirp* *chirp*


  8. I am glad you like it too :-) thank you!