24 February 2011

polaroid 600.

you never know what you can find in a small photography shop outside the city centre: a pack of polaroid 600 expired in june 2008. it was about the time to take it outside and use it!
the first four shots - SEURASAARI:

✻ the sunlight was very strong still the snow doesn't melt at -15° - it was freezing but Seurasaari remains one of my favourite places here.

✻ real polaroid film still turns out so much better than impossible film - I had almost forgot how sharp and colourful the 600's can come out.

22 February 2011

things that I like.

treasures I have been gifted with.
♡ from Jacopo

♡ from Kasia
♡ from Ginestrathank you ♥ I feel really special!

20 February 2011

the baltic sea #1.

Hän tuli tyrskyjen luo ja pysähtyi rantatöyräälle. Siellä vaelsi hänen merensä aalto aallolta ohitse sähisevänä ja ylimielisenä, rauhallisena ja rajuna. - Tove Jansson Muumipappa ja Meri
first pieces of my project dedicated to the Baltic Sea - work in progress.

• pages and images from a scrapbook.

photographs of Harakan Saari in a snow storm from Kaivopuisto.

• a first collection of some inspirational images of the sea.
P.S. this project will be growing for the next few months through the spring - go to storiesfromthebalticsea.org.

16 February 2011


Helsinki is really close to Estonia so last thursday I took a boat with Jacopo and some friends and spent a very touristic but sunny day in Tallinn.
✻ Nikon FM snapshots from the trip:
P.S. thanks a lot to Lydia for sharing her free tickets to Tallinn with us!

13 February 2011


we adopted a cat and her name is Tove - animals deserve important names.

♡ she is a beautiful lady cat who was looking for a family. it is just so delightful to take care of her. she likes to sleep on our bed or to sit on our window staring at the birds. she also loves to be brushed!

07 February 2011

polaroid type 100 triple dip expired.

chocolate peel-apart polaroids

today the sun was shining and it was the perfect day to try out the new Impossible Project delivery.

the expired emulsion didn't expand full frame but the colours are really fascinating.

• there are still some chocolate's left and then it is going to be blue's and sepia's trying out!

03 February 2011


Jacopo has moved to live with me and february has started. today it was snowing again and we went to the best place in Vuosaari. Mamiya rb67 was a delightful companion during our morning walk.
Kahvila Villa Ullas

✻ I strongly recommend to stop by Villa Ullas for a coffee and a pulla!
According to Fmi.fi the lenght of the day is getting longer. I can't wait for more outdoor activties and more photographs.