02 January 2012

belated christmas cards.

they weren't really belated - but I was the one reading them late as I have just got back to Helsinki yesterday night. all the Christmas letters and gifts I have found when I got home made me extremely happy: I want to share some here to thank the dear ones who sent them.

❄ from Matti & Kyllikki

❄ from Frances

❄ from Joana
she has sent along 11 beautiful old negatives - which I cannot wait to print!

❄ from Amanda
she has sent two toys for Tove too!

❄ from Joey & her family

❄ from Silja & her family
the card becomes a 3D snowball!
thank you all so much - it feels even better to be at home. thank you Maisa and Anne too - for preparing with Jacopo some beautiful cinnamon rolls to welcome me back.


  1. <<<<<3
    I adore these nice christmas cards!

  2. I adore them too :-) !

  3. :) ti vogliono proprio tutti bene Pollyni <3

  4. sono veramente felice :-) !

  5. toooveee! <3 and hugs to the rest of u. XD

  6. Tove says thank you! ;-)

  7. so many lovely cards!
    sorry for the childish owls, but i drew it with the envelope already sealed and was lazy to redo it all...

  8. I love them actually :-) !