03 January 2012

pictures from italy.

now that I am back in Helsinki - I want to share some photographs of the two weeks I spent at my family place. the sun was shining every single day and it didn't really feel like winter.

lomography color negative 800 35mm:

✻ I found a package of 3 lomography rolls for a ridiculous price in Milano and I wanted to try it out. the colours aren't bad - but there is no grain at all. I still have two rolls remaining: I want to try them out here.

I had a beautiful time with my sister!♥ when the day of my departure was getting closer - we looked for a photo booth.

from a photo booth near my home town:

kaksi pöllöä - two owls.
P.S. I have a black and white film roll with pictures from both Helsinki and Milano ready to be developed: I am going to spend a full day in my darkroom on friday!


  1. Che bellissimi ricordi :) <3 sono molto curiosa di vedere anche le foto in bianco e nero :)

  2. anche io :-) non vedo l'ora di stamparle! prima per devo comperare della carta: quella che ho non credo mi basterà :-P

  3. #1 is just so so beautiful with the mountains with white peaks!
    you and your sister have very similar features :)
    have fun in the darkroom. i'm sure going to love seeing helsinki and milano in b&w :)

  4. thank you :-)
    actually Emi and I are twin sisters, so that may be the reason of the similar features.
    and by the way, on friday I am going to "take care" of your negatives too :-) I cannot wait!

  5. wow what a beautiful cat heaven! great pictures! love you both! <3

  6. thank you :-) yes, those cats were beautiful!

  7. lovely photos ♥ i like the colours! the scenery is very beautiful, and you two are as well (:

  8. I am glad you like the place, Maisa, for I must take you there sometime :-) ♥

  9. very nice pictures! cool blog

  10. oh i didn't know... that's so nice. i think every little girl dreams of having a twin sister !

    yay! i can't wait to see them. i only had those in negatives. i've never seen photos of them :)
    *thank you polly*

  11. very nice pictures! cool blog

  12. Joana: yes I do :-) I will post you a letter with the prints and all!

    Catho: thank you! :-)

  13. These pictures are just stunning!

    Happy 2012 to yooouuuu!


  14. thanks :-)

    I hope it started nicely for you too :-)