07 January 2012

from my darkroom.

yesterday I have spent most of the day in my darkroom: I had a lot to develop and print. today I want to share a few prints from a roll I had been shooting towards the end of december - when my sister was in Helsinki and then when I was Milano.

delta 3200 ilford:

✻ from Helsinki - that christmas market in senaatintori was beautiful and sweet.

✻ from Milano - unfortunately there weren't many photos worth of printing.
P.S. even though I like 3200 iso film's grain - after using it for months I cannot wait for the days to get lighter to use lower iso films.


  1. *__* tagged in a beautiful post full of pictures!
    Thanks Polly <3

  2. I have tagged you because of the Christmas market :-) and because you've been patiently waiting for me in the darkroom the whole day yesterday :-)

  3. <3 it was nice to wait you and watch you print these pictures :)
    I was reading boring web app stuff :D

  4. we should go out taking pictures together more often... so that you will have something to print yourself as well! :-)

  5. AW *-*
    sono addirittura venuta decentemente nelle foto :D
    anche se i piĆ¹ belli sono decisamente il gabbiano e il salmone!

  6. anche secondo me: il gabbiano, il pesce e i piccioni di Milano ;-)

  7. Nice work, Polly!

    I want to visit Helsinki!!! :O

  8. you should definitely come around here! :-)

  9. that seagull has a really plumped up chest :)
    lovely photos polly!
    christmas markets are always wonderful... and helsinki looks beautiful :)

  10. yes :-) seagulls here are nicely fat usually ;-)
    thanks Joana!