08 January 2012

old negatives 03.

dearest Joana have sent me 11 old negatives - along with her last letter.

the prints after my darkroom session:

✻ these negatives were squared - were they all taken the same day?

✻ probably my favourite - this negative was also a squared one.

✻ the negatives of these three prints were wider than my enlarger - I had to select an area to print from them.
the third picture was blurry but I still wanted to print it: you can tell that it belongs to the same series.

✻ the last three ones stand alone - I especially like the one with the woman sitting in that beautiful garden.

it was a pleasure to print Joana's family's old negatives. I am going to send her the prints via mail very soon: hopefully she will like them.
♡ thank you, Joana!


  1. Anonymous8.1.12

    great negatives and great prints :)
    I know Joana will be pleased to see how these pictures they turned out to look like :)

  2. hopefully she will :-) it was such a beautiful Christmas gift to be able to print them :-) !

  3. che meraviglia *-* si respira il passato attraverso queste foto e anche aria di campagna!

  4. si! e' stato bellissimo stamparle! :-)

  5. polly, i cannot tell you how much i love this!
    thank you ever so much! the little boy in the first three is my dad :) i didn't even realize that...
    ahhhh... today has most definately been a fantastic day :)

  6. oh :-) I am very happy you like how they've turned out!
    a letter will be on your way tomorrow :-)

  7. yay! i truly love them :)

  8. thank you, Birdie :-)