25 April 2012

100 feeders (11).

this morning I have found a beautiful surprise on the door of my studio:

✻ a huge postcard with garden birds.
my friend Kaisa left it there: this lovely gift was exactly what I needed to start working on the remaining feeders.
the 11th and the 12th week of work:

today I have decorated them all!
last sunday Jacopo helped me drilling the holes on the back of each feeder - where to insert the string to install them. today I have finished decorating the remaining feeders and sprayed the varnish coat on them all. I am feeling so happy - but I still have a lot of work to do. next week I am going to cut each feeder on the front - where the birds eat the seeds from - and after that I am going to photograph them to create the postcards.
there is not much time before the exhibition: I will keep you posted!


  1. What a lovely surprise!

    And, yes, please keep us posted!

    I am really still quite in awe of this 100 Feeders project, dear P.... :O

  2. complimentiiiii :))) <3