31 July 2012

emi in helsinki - summer.

last week my dear twin sister Emi visited Helsinki: the weather was extremely summery and we spent our days outside to enjoy every minute of it. unfortunately not all the diana mini photographs turned out the way I really wanted - but I still treasure them as snapshots of Emi's visit and beautiful memories of this summer.
diana mini - Emi in Helsinki:

the animal masks were Emi's idea: we got them from a toy shop in town.
PX 680 COOL - summer snapshots:
♥ Emi photographed me and Jacopo.
I wish that my twin sister could have stayed longer and that summer could last for five more months at least!

25 July 2012

niskala arboretum.

one thing I love about Helsinki is that it doesn't take more than a 30-minute bus ride to reach a forest. last saturday we visited Niskala Arboretum: we spent a wonderful morning there wondering around.
photographs from Niskala Arboretum:

nikon FM - fuji pro 400H.
I have also found a magnificent feather of a Great Spotted Woodpecker - Jacopo documented that moment with a PX COOL!

18 July 2012

herttoniemen siirtolapuutarha.

last wednesday Essi took us to the Siirtolapuutarha in Herttoniemi - a very special garden indeed: a vast piece of land where people can buy a lawn and build their own cottages and gardens on.
Herttoniemen Siirtolapuutarha:

diana mini - kodak portra 160 nc.
there were hundreds of those tiny colorful wooden houses - each one with its own beautiful fruit trees and flowers: I felt like in a fairy tale!

16 July 2012

PX 680 COOL.

despite the fact that the sun has been hiding behind the clouds for the past two days - last friday and saturday we managed to take some nice photographs.
our first PX 680 COOL shots:
1, 3, 5 © Jacopo - 2, 4, 6 © me
something to keep in mind - we use a piece of thick black fabric attached over the mouth of my polaroid camera.
all that Helsinki needs right now is some more sun - I hope it will come back soon!

13 July 2012

evolution of the impossible project.

earlier today our first pack of PX 680 COOL has finally arrived. Jacopo and I have tested the film in bright day light and the result was impressive. the PX 680 COOL is the 5th type of film released by The Impossible Project: I have used all 5 and they have improved a lot since 2010.
evolution of The Impossible Project:
in chronological order:
my first PX 100 taken on 21.04.2010
my first PX 600 taken on 07.06.2010
my first PX 70 taken on 09.08.2010
my first PX 680 taken on 09.06.2011
my first PX 680 COOL taken today.
PX 680 COOL - the portrait that Jacopo took of me earlier today.
since it needs warm temperatures and bright light - summer is the only time of the year to enjoy this type of film in Finland: I will make the most of it!

12 July 2012

ullanlinna and eira.

last week during an evening walk around the neighborhood I took my diana mini: I wanted to dedicate a series of photographs to the most beautiful looking buildings between Ullanlinna and Eira.
diana mini - ilford fp4 plus:

✻ I decided to use Jacopo's fish eye lens: I already knew it was going to work fine on my diana mini.
the Jugendstil buildings are certainly my favourite ones in Helsinki: they are very old and precious and resemble castles because of their towers and decorations.

09 July 2012

kaisaniemen kasvitieteellinen puutarha.

I love botanic gardens and above all of them I love the one in Kaisaniemi. I took these photographs two weeks ago - when I was visiting it with my friend Essi.
diana mini - ilford fp4 plus:

I adore this garden not only because of its beautiful glass house - but also because it is the most quiet place in the heart of Helsinki city.
my friend Essi is very interested in gardens and knows many - she is going to take us to a special one on wednesday: I cannot wait to take some photographs!