16 July 2012

PX 680 COOL.

despite the fact that the sun has been hiding behind the clouds for the past two days - last friday and saturday we managed to take some nice photographs.
our first PX 680 COOL shots:
1, 3, 5 © Jacopo - 2, 4, 6 © me
something to keep in mind - we use a piece of thick black fabric attached over the mouth of my polaroid camera.
all that Helsinki needs right now is some more sun - I hope it will come back soon!


  1. Thanks for publishing this article :) It's so nice to read finally the success of these new Impossible Instant Films, I can't wait to publish a great article on - ombrenelcielo !

    1. thank you! you should do so, very soon! ;-) ♥

  2. I love how summery these polas are!
    You and J are so beautiful!

    AnnieBee is sending me film from The Impossible Project after my px680 fail! Wheeeee!

    1. thank you, Charlyn! :-)
      I am sure this time your polaroids will be great! I cannot wait to see them! :-)