07 September 2012

hello kallio.

the time to say goodbye to Ullanlinna and move to Kallio has almost come - by the end of the month we should be already settled in our new flat in Toinen Linja.
our soon to be home:
a PX 680 Jacopo took on tuesday.
I must say I fell in love with the pink building as soon as I saw it: built in 1910 it must be among the oldest buildings in Kallio. I love the staircase decorated with Jugendstil's motives and the tile stove in our living room - and there is so much more I like about it.
map of Kallio by Lotta Nieminen:
our street is situated at the very beginning of Kallio: very close to Hakaniemi Market Square and the beautiful park of Tokoinranta and a piece of sea.
from the book Muistojen Helsingissä:

Kallio and Hakaniemi in the 1900's.
spending the summer months in Ullanlinna has been lovely but I cannot wait to move: as much as I like living in this part of Helsinki - I could never feel at home in a flat furnished by somebody else and filled with someone else's things. honestly we have never really settled in.
from google maps:

A current flat - B new flat

A previous flat - B new flat
we are coming back to the northernmost part of central Helsinki: our previous flat is very near to the one we will move into and so are some of my favourite places - like Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden.
P.S. needless to say - I will post some photographs once we have moved!


  1. move and post and send adrs. i got a package but i was waiting for after the move! looks so lovely!!! <3

    1. oh I wish we could move right now, but there are still about 3 weeks to go... I will write you the new address as soon as we are there! :-)

  2. Sooooooo nice, Polly!

    I want to visit Helsinki!!!


    1. just let me know when you do so, Charlyn! :-)

  3. Fuggite dalla bambola assassina ahahah :D
    Non vedo l'ora di insediarmi nel vostro nuovo bagno gigante :D <333
    P.s. Che belle le foto d'epoca del quartiere e la mappa disegnata soprattutto *-*

    1. haha! immaginavo che avresti apprezzato il bagno in modo particolare! ;-) la mappa e' davvero stupenda, sono d'accordo con te! :-)

  4. I love how much explanation you gave on your two different towns! Those maps are so awesome. It made it easier to picture your move - which I wish you luck on! I used to live in a house a long time ago with someone else's furniture so I know what you mean that it never truly feels like yours! :)

    1. I am happy that this post was easy for you to understand, despite the fact that you've never been to Helsinki before! :-) actually, speaking of Kallio and Ullanlinna, they are not towns, but just different parts of the city of Helsinki: it is so very small, compared to other european capital cities. the distance between my current flat and the new one is actually at walking distance: even less than 4 km! ;-)